Krishnamacharya time-line

Picture of Krishnamacharya

1888: Born. First learns yoga and pranayama from his father.

His father dies at an early age but has planted the seeds of yoga in young Krishnamacharya. When the young boy asks his dad a difficult spiritual question he replies that he should study Patanjali’s yoga sutra. His father also lets the young boy know that Nathamuni was their ancestor. Nathamuni lived in about 900 AD, was a poet-saint, and a practitioner of all the 8 limbs of yoga.

1904: Age 16 Krishnamacharya has a deep mystical experience.

At the age of sixteen, Krishnamacharya was visited in his dream by the saint Nathamuni who directed him to go to the town of Alvar. Krishnamacharya travels to Alvar as instructed . Once he reached there he falls in a trance like state. He found himself in the presence of three sages; one of them was Nathamuni himself. Nathamuni began to recite from the long lost text called Yoga Rahasya (Secrets of Yoga). When he awoke from the trance he found that the sages were gone but he remembered every single verse of the text! This experience was the foundation that set Krishnamacharya on his epic quest into yoga. About 30 years later Krishnamacharya authored the book Yoga Rahasya but he never claimed to be the original author.

1904-1906: Joins Mysore University and also learns from local religious order.
1906: At the age of 18 leaves Mysore for Benares.

A monk observing him practice yoga, saw his proficiency, and directed him to the yoga master Babu Bhagvan Das. On completing his study with him he earned the degree in yoga and Samkhya philosophy.

Krishnamacharya felt he needed to go deeper into yoga and made inquiries. The principal of the college in Benares then recommended him to go to Tibet and study with one of the last remaining masters of yoga: Ramamohan Brahmachari.

1911: Aged 23 travels to Tibet.

Stays for 7.5 years till 1918 with Ramamohan Brahmachari who teaches him yoga.

1924: Age 36, stay in Benares ends and he moves back to Mysore.

Maharaja of Mysore eventually opens a yoga school for him to teach at.

1925: At the age of 37 gets married to Namagiriammal.
1927: Meets Pattabhi Jois (age 12) and accepts him as student for 2 years.
1932: reunited with Pattabhi Jois (age 17) who studies with him till about 1945.
1934: Teaches BKS Iyengar, his wife’s younger brother, for two years.
1937: Meets Indra Devi (Eugenie Peterson) and cures her in a few months.

Indra Devi stays with him another year and learns yoga.

1947: Yoga patronage ends as the powers of Maharajas is curtailed

India gets freedom from the British in 1947

1953: Now 65 years old, moves to Chennai.
1955 meets Srivatsa Ramaswami.
1961: TKV Desikachar, his son, has change of heart.

Desikachar gives up his lucrative career and begins study of yoga with his father.

1971: meets AG Mohan.
1984: At the age of 95 suffers fall but refuses surgery.
1989: Age 100 dies.

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Some of the time-lines differ from wikepedia, these are taken from A. G. Mohan book which we deem more authentic.

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