I felt that yoga was key to my happiness!

Picture of Brian and his daughter
This story has been submitted by Brian Granader and is his story of his journey into yoga. Brian is a yoga teacher and owner of www.redlotusyoga.com:

My name is Brian Granader. In 2002 I had just completed my 10th year as a Residential Realtor in the Oakland County Michigan area. I was highly successful in regard to the number of homes sold, dollars in commissions and reputation in the area. Yet, highly failed in my degree of happiness. I had been practicing yoga for about a year at this time and truly enjoyed it. I found more healing through yoga than conventional therapy and felt it was a key to my happiness.

I took a teacher training course to deepen my practice and afterward found I had a natural skill at teaching. I taught part time for a while and still helped people buy and sell homes. At some point I asked myself, “If I was going to die in six months, what would I rather be doing?” Yoga was my answer. I picked a date to finish real estate, gave my business to my assistant and began teaching full time. Within a year I purchased a yoga studio. I was newly married at that time and making the decision to be a yoga teacher did not help that marriage. I had to make a choice at one point. Go back to real estate or continue being a yoga teacher. My greatest fear was selling myself short. In the end, I chose yoga and my marriage failed.

Had I stayed in Real estate I would have either had a heart attack, cancer or had some other major calamity. The decision to not wait for something like this to force me to make a life change was difficult and yet the best thing I had ever done. I would have to say yoga saved my life.

Since then I have a thriving yoga studio and teacher training program called Red Lotus Yoga in Rochester Hills, MI. A lovely wife and 10 month old daughter!

Life is never perfect, yet yoga and meditation helps me keep things more balanced and happier than I have ever been!

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  1. Rachel Shepherd says:

    How wonderful to see you, and your beautiful baby.
    I too have found the joys of teaching yoga. Love to study, teach, and meditate. Scott and kiddies are all well. College hunting for Zach this year, grace next? Living outside of chicago. Time flys. Love, peace, and light,to you and yours dear friend. Xo Rachel

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