Yoga has made a big difference in my spirit!

Lady doing yoga
I will turn 65 next year. I feel good, but I can’t imagine how I would be feeling—much less how I will feel in the future—if yoga weren’t part of my life.

Though I had toyed with yoga when I was a young woman, low back pain sent me to yoga in a more serious way almost a decade ago. At that time, when I got out of the car after my 40+ minute drive to and from work, I would have to stand still for a while and let my body have some time to get ready to move. Yoga got rid of the “wad of chewing gum” I felt I had stuck in my low back. Then a still undefined pelvic imbalance began to cause me chronic mild pain, resulting in many sleepless nights. I tried chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, and many creams, lotions and pain relievers. An even more regular yoga practice of a slightly different kind has made a world of difference.

I know that the aging body will continue to pose (pardon the pun!) many challenges, but I believe that regular yoga and walking will help my body stay as strong and flexible as possible.

Yoga has also made a big difference in my spirit, my personal serenity. I’ve struggled with a somewhat volatile temper at times in my life, and I confess that I have been impatient and quick to judge. I continue struggle to ward off anxiety. Asana, pranayama, and meditation are tools that still, quiet, and calm me. That may be the greatest benefit of all.

This story was submitted by KC who lives in Colorado and prefers to remain anonymous. Please do not hesitate to share your stories as this will help inspire others. If you want to keep your stories anonymous we will honor that request.

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