Yoga Helped Manage my Asthma

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Janet Doolin

In 1995, I almost died from an asthma episode that landed me in the emergency room. Denial can be a formidable enemy. I was in complete denial about having a serious asthma condition. In 1992, I had been seen by a asthma specialist and he had prescribed two inhalers for me which I always seemed to conveniently “forget” to carry with me. I ended up with very unstable asthma and frequently had to miss work and miss out on physical activities because of shortness of breath. My doctor saw me immediately following my emergency room incident, and he said “Janet, along with taking medication every day, you are restricted to two physical activities that I will allow you to do – either swimming or yoga.”

I chose yoga and fifteen years later, I have never looked back!

So, in 1995, I stated my yoga journey. My health club had just started offering yoga classes so I signed up and was pleased with the immediate relief I found with just two one-hour yoga classes per week. It was a miracle to me. I continued to take classes every week and after two years, my yoga teacher asked me to sub for her when she was out on maternity leave. I then decided I wanted to become a Certified Yoga Teacher.

In the year 2000, I received my yoga teacher certification. Since then, I have found that I love teaching yoga to seniors. One of my students was 100 years old and she was able to participate in a gentle senior yoga class I offered at an assisted living facility in Denver. What an inspiration she was to me! I continue to teach and now find that I want to teach seniors full-time as my special calling.

You can find Janet Doolin at She would love to hear from you and share more of her yoga story with you. If you are interested she can also help you with your journey into yoga.

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