Never Give Up Hope

Dewey Bozella is the winner of the 2011 Arthur Ash award for courage. However in 1983 Dewey faced a bleak future. He had just been wrongly convicted of a murder of a 92 years old woman and arrived in the Sing Sing Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison.

For the first few years Dewey was angry and bitter. Then Dewey discovered boxing. In discipline he found freedom. As he poured his all into boxing he was able to keep his mind focused and his anger melted away. Once he got control of his mind he resolved that he would not allow his circumstance to decide who he was and how he should feel. Dewey discovered happiness for the first time in his life and from this happiness arose hope and determination. He resolved that he would prove to the world that he was innocent and walk out of the prison a free man. The video narrates his story and shows that hope and courage can triumph over incredible odds. It shows that the key to success is internal and comes via control of our thoughts and feelings.

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