A Need To Rethink Our Diet

Dr. Terry Wahls, a physician, was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in 2000. She went to the best available clinic for MS treatment the Cleveland Clinic. By 2007 her disease had progressed so much that she needed zero gravity chairs to sit and needed 2 canes to walk. She was in danger of shortly being totally bed ridden.

That is when, after much research, she switched her diet with astounding results. In 3 months she was able to walk between rooms in the hospital with 1 cane. In another month she was able to walk throughout the hospital with one cane. In 5 months she biked around the block and in 9 months she biked 18 miles. At a year she was able to go horse-back riding in the Rocky Mountains.

Dr. Terry Wahls says that she is the canary in the coalmine with a warning that there is something seriously wrong with our diet. We need to be less on the grain based and processed food diet and more on the greens-vegetables-nuts-berries-fresh meat-and-wild fish diet. Please note that this is not some off-the-wall person speaking. She is a trained physician, and now they have run clinical trials and the astounding results have been validated. In the face of abundance and prosperity we are literally starving ourselves of much-needed vitamins and antioxidants. The result is neurological problems (MS, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Huntington, learning problems, attention deficit disorder), hardened arteries and blood pressure, diabetes, and food allergies (eczema, asthma, allergies, infertility, arthritis, chronic headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, etc.)

This is what she recommends:

Daily 3 cups of greens (Kale)
Daily 3 cups of sulfur rich family (Cabbage family and Onion family)
Daily 3 cups of bright colors (from Vegetables, Fruits, and Berries)
Regular diet of Wild fish (Not farm raised fish)
Regular diet of Grass fed meat and organs (Not grain fed meat and organs)
Once a week Seaweed (For Iodine and Selenium)

A note of warning: She does not recommend avoiding regular medical treatment. What she is saying is that we all need to change our diet and those who suffer from some of the ailments listed above need to continue with the medication they are having but urgently switch diet to slow down or even reverse the progress of their ailments. Make sure that your physician is aware of the principals of functional medicine and work with your physician in adjusting your medicine as you make progress.

Please pass this on to somebody who may benefit from this message!

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6 Responses to A Need To Rethink Our Diet

  1. Delice says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with JDMS an auto-immune disease that attacks the muscles. At age 11 sge couldn’t even lift her arms to comb her own hair. We changed her diet which is similar to Dr. Wahls and now at age 22 she is a dancer in college. On no medication and has had no symptons or signs of the illness in the past 6yrs

  2. Prof. David Baker also wrote an interesting article about Dr Wahls’s video on the Shift.ms Magazine: http://shift.ms/magazine/2011/12/minding-your-mitochondria/

    • admin says:

      Although this is a result of a very small study, if this were some drug, such numbers would have made headlines! —MyLifeYoga

  3. Sarah Johnson says:

    I believe what Dr. Wahls went through is true to the reason that there are so many things happening to people medically because of diet. I am a mother of two girls. One is ADHD and has asthma. I have allergies and I am possibly ADHD as well. I feel that a lot of the time the diet has a huge role in effecting our ADHD symptoms. I think that when we changed our diet that her asthma is not around as often, and her ADHD symptoms are better.
    I have so many mom friends that their kids are ADHD or Asberburgs or autistic or have sever food allergies to peanuts and/or eggs. So many people with a gluten allergy. I would like to see a huge food revolution in this country to help us all stop all these ailments. Espcially coming from someone who sees the results of what food can do to change ones Heath.

  4. archita says:

    Are their any specific foods which can help schyzophania patients paranoid or bi-polar?

  5. Amrit Kaur says:

    My son age 4 yrs he is suffering from adenoids and severe tonsillitis. His adenoids surgery had been done last year in july but it can grow again .he can’t take proper diet due to adenoids or tonsils. Can u suggest some healthy diet for him.

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