The View From Space

Earth Rise
No matter where we go on earth we are still tethered to land. From earth we can peer into the vast universe and see distant stars, but we are still surrounded by land. But the moment we go in space and peer down on earth our perspective dramatically shifts. In space we are un-tethered. The earth now becomes just another planet in a vast universe. Seeing the earth against the dark backdrop of space is a completely new perspective. When we are tied to land we are tied to our familiar divisions. But from space these divisions vanish and we become acutely aware of our interdependence. This gives us a whole new perspective.

The same can be said for our ego. When we are tied to our ego we see everything from the perspective of the ego. Everything seems divided and disjointed. However, when we do the practices associated with yoga we learn to create space between the ego and ourselves. We are now able to express our consciousness from outside our ego. This is akin to viewing earth from space. A whole new perspective emerges.

Liberated from our ego we become un-tethered from its trivial concerns. Now we are able to experience true and unconditional love. We are able to see everything as interdependent and interconnected. We see the world as vibrant, overflowing, and abundant. Every moment becomes a moment of boundless joy. Every breath we take becomes the breath of sweet nectar.

For most of us the new perspective is short-lived and we land back on the familiar terrain of the ego and into the old world of divisions. But having tasted the sweet nectar of ego-free life who would want the bitterness of even one ego-filled moment? Millions seek to continue and deepen their journey into yoga to experience life as it is meant to be. Wouldn’t you?

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