Faster Healing Of Bruise With Hot Yoga

Bruise heal faster with hot yoga
I began coming to Yoga Passion and was immediately hooked regularly averaging four times per week. Running & working out in gyms for all of my adult life suddenly felt like a waste of time after the total experience of the HotCore classes with Peter Sklivas at Yoga Passion. I am feeling the benefits: better mental clarity; stronger sense of well-being even outside of class; increased muscle tone; greater range of motion in a shoulder that had three surgeries and nine months of physical therapy; and, the following experience:

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always bruised easily & bruises took an extraordinary amount of time to fade. Last year, a thigh bruise I received when a soccer ball slammed into me during a friendly family game took almost a year to entirely fade. The week before Christmas 2000 I fell from a ladder while putting up Christmas decorations. My left hand was swollen & badly bruised from the tips of my fingers to the base of my palm. I had a bruise on my hip that was about four inches across. While nothing was broken, my hand was extremely sore & the doctor told me that the deep purple bruising would not begin to fade for at least four to six weeks. Based on my history, I assumed it would be twice that amount of time for me. I continued to come to class even though my movement was limited with the soreness of my hand. Much to my amazement, the bruising disappeared in about ten days. Having changed nothing else in my normal routine & always having gotten a good cardiovascular workout at least four times a week prior to coming to Yoga Passion, I can only attribute this remarkable change in my system to HotCore Yoga.

This is a story written by Linda H. Young . This has been reposted with permission from Peter Sklivas of Yoga Passion. You can find the original here.

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