The Miracle Of Love

A blind dog found in a trash pile is rescued. This heart touching video has been watched by millions because it shows how life blooms in the presence of love. Watch and share this wonderful video!

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5 Responses to The Miracle Of Love

  1. Aamna Aziz Jaspal says:

    Omg :’) I loved this video….the dog is so adorable n I admire you guys so much for helping her.
    I hope Fiona stays happy and has a long healthy life

  2. Lindsay says:

    Crying. Yes. Beautiful video. Thank you for rescuing this sweet little soul.

  3. patricia amigh says:

    What a wonderful video. That dog was precious. How could anyone dump a beautiful creature like her?Thank you for helping her.

  4. love is, and for that we are forever grateful☺♥☻

  5. anita willemse says:

    at last a story that has an happy end. I really saw Fiona laughing!!
    So cute!!

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