Being Pain-Free Is Liberating To The soul!

Pain Free

Stephanie’s yoga classes cured my debilitating back pain. I had suffered through periodic episodes of excruciating back pain for over a decade. A herniated disk was diagnosed easily. But a reliable cure was not found until Stephanie. I used to subconsciously “protect” my back by avoiding engaging it, leading to defensive posture and misalignment.

With Stephanie’s classes, I have freed my back of fear of pain. Now I feel stronger, aligned, and at ease with working my back. It has changed my body and my spirit. It is obvious to others too. In recent times numerous people who I see rarely have commented about how healthy and relaxed I look, and they’re right. Being confidently pain-free is liberating to the soul. Thanks to Stephanie’s classes, I am pain free and confident physically in my 40s in ways I could not imagine in my 30s. My only regret, it took too long to find her.” – Ben Aitkenhead

This is a testimonial provided for Stephanie Foster and has been reposted with permission. You may find this and more tetimonails here. If you have a testimonial that could help guide others please send it to us: info [at] mylifeyoga [dot] com

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