The Unthinkable Is Possible!

Matthew Sanford was a happy child with a permanent facial expression that hinted a giggle was just round the corner. In 1978, at the age of 13, he had a terrible car accident. His father and sister died in this accident and Matthew’s back broke and he became a paraplegic chest down. Matthew found himself disconnected from his body and slowly happiness drained out from his life. In April 1991 Matthew met Jo Zukovich, a yoga teacher, who taught him to reconnect once again with his body. Matthew discovered the secret that mind and body work better together. Living isolated in his mind had made him unhappy and now, as he reconnected with his body, his happiness returned. In 2001 Matthew became a yoga teacher and formed Mind Body Solutions, a nonprofit, dedicated to helping disabled people reconnect with their bodies. This short video recounts his story. Please pass it on to others who may benefit from this message.

Matthew Sanford story of his accident and discovery of yoga
Mind Body Solutions Web site
Matthew Sanford Web site
Jo Zukovich Web Site

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  1. matt, you rock! thank you for sharing your life and story with me and the world. i wanna come assist you and learn. not sure how that could happen, but hey, i’m interested. sending love and hugs, j

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