Yoga And Lung Cancer

This is a story about a woman who was diagnosed with lung cancer after never smoking a day in her life. Shortly after her chemotherapy, she began taking yoga lessons. Two years later, she is cancer free and attributes yoga in helping with her recovery.

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  1. YogaSeeker says:

    In the UK, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) officially recognises that based on 10 clinical trials performed – yoga could help to reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress for some patients.

    Yoga for Cancer has been created exclusively for breast cancer survivors. The inspirational DVD was created by Kate, in dedication to her mother, Priscilla Kinney who battled 23 years against metastatic breast cancer.
    The yoga poses were chosen not only for their stress reducing and energizing properties, but also to address the unique needs of breast cancer battlers.
    £10 per DVD purchased will be donated to Maggie’s Cancer Centres. To order please contact your local centres or it can be purchased online at
    Another DVD – Healing Yoga for Cancer (2012) is also available for all cancer patients.

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