Change Begins Within

In the past few years there has been tremendous progress in understanding meditation. It is now scientifically recognized that the Samadhi state (achieved in deep meditation) is the 4th state of consciousness, distinct from the usual states of consciousness we commonly experience while awake, dreaming, and in deep sleep. This 4th state of consciousness is a deeply restful and rejuvenating state that puts the brain in state of coherence. The ability to increase the orderly functioning of brain has tremendous applications in all fields. It has now been established that this can be done systematically at any age and can help increase IQ, improve decision-making, and increase efficiency.

The medical applications for meditation are simply startling. A 9 year longitudinal study done by American Medical Association, has just concluded that meditation is effective in reducing incidence of heart attacks and deaths from heart attacks. Other studies have shown that meditation is also effective in helping with almost all categories of medical problems. More important findings are related to ability of meditation to reduce stress and help with stress related issues. In addition meditation has been shown to slow down aging and help improve mental functioning in the elderly.

Armies all around the world are now discovering that meditation is the most effective treatment for those suffering from PTSD. In addition millions of school children are already going through meditation programs in public schools because it improves learning and reduces ADHD. The question now for societies is on how to rapidly tap into the power of meditation to improve health and quality of life of its citizens and give it a competitive edge.

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