An Encounter With The Divine Mother

Paramahamsa Yogananda

Paramahamsa Yogananda

Yogananda in his bestselling “Autobiography of a Yogi” talks about visiting the saint he calls Master Mahasaya. He was referring to Mahendranath Gupta, otherwise known simply as “M” and the author of “The Gospel Of Ramakrishna”. Here is one version of the encounter in Yogananda’s own words:

The first time I went to see him, I had to wait quietly, for he said, “I am talking to Divine Mother.”

He was so great and yet so gentle and childlike! His whole countenance shone with the love of the Divine Mother. When I was in his presence those vibrations were overwhelming. Whenever I saw him talking to Divine Mother I felt a thousand million times more Love in my heart than that which I felt for my earthly mother whom I dearly loved. The emotion is indescribable! I felt I could not exist another moment without my Divine Mother.

One day I went to this saint and said, “How is it you are communing with Divine Mother and I cannot? Please ask Her if She loves me. I must know. I do not feel the love of Divine Mother now. I must have Her. I must know if She loves me!”

I kept on insisting for a long time, until finally the saint said, “All right, I will ask Her.”

And you know, that night I had a great experience. I cherished it silently, within myself. The Divine mother said, “Always I have loved thee! Ever shall I love thee!”

One or two days afterward I went to the saint, and again I saw those upturned eyes wandering in the jungles of the Infinite. I bowed down at the feet of this gracious saint as I knew Divine Mother was smiling in him.

I asked, “What did Divine Mother say about me?”

He replied, “Naughty sir, naughty sir!”

“What did Divine Mother say?” I persisted. “You promised me. What did She say?”

Still he repeated only, “Naughty sir!”

I knew he could see through me and realized that I was hiding my thoughts in order to see if the experience I had had was real. And still I went on, “You promised me! Why is it you saints always mystify?”

Then he replied, “You come to test me? That is not right. Didn’t Divine Mother come to you the other night in the form of a most beautiful mother and say, ’Yogananda, I love you always?’”

I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was so filled with the nectar of joy. When I heard those same words from him, what could I think? Only one thing: My Mother had truly responded!

When this saint used to talk he was just like a little child. In the glittering of those eyes was the shining of Divine Mother’s eyes. “Everyone that will seek Her will find Her,” he said, “but one has to make the effort.”

Every time I think of him my whole soul becomes enraptured and my heart becomes so filled with love that I cannot speak. He told me my Master would come later on. Meanwhile, he gave me the devotional aspect of God, whereas my Master later gave me the wisdom aspect. That combination provided what I needed–the complete Father-Mother manifestation of God.

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Credits: This is based on an account given by Yogananda in the Autobiography Of A Yogi and elsewhere.

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