Lizzie Beautiful

Lizzie Velasquez was born with a rare genetic defect. This does not allow her to form normal muscle and fat tissue like most of us. Consequently she weighs only 60 pounds. Her condition is so rare that only two other people in the world have it.

At one point in her school she was dubbed as the “world’s ugliest woman”. There are web sites that have been dedicated to make fun of her. In spite of all the pain and grief this condition has caused her, Lizzie has come to accept and embrace it. She shows that it is possible to rise above pettiness and hostility. Her example shows us that no matter what the challenges, they can be overcome. Lizzie is now a published author and a motivational speaker. By her everyday actions of kindness and her indomitable spirit, she shows us that she indeed is very beautiful. If you also think Lizzie is beautiful please like and share, and let the message of her story spread.

Lizzie’s web-site
It gets better!
Today show interview

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  1. Mythili Ravi says:

    Lizzie, you’re so very beautiful..! Your story touched my heart, dear..:) I want you to know that you’re an inspiring person and an excellent motivational speaker. Please continue to be ‘be-YOU-ti-ful’, keep rocking, and let me know when you publish your first book..! I’m waiting to read it..!
    Hugs n Kisses,

  2. Anna B says:

    Lizzie, your story proves there is so much more to all of us than a physical presence. You are a shining light in this physical reality to all who have the privelidge to know you. You are an inspiration and a teacher to all those whose lives you touch.

    Spiritual beauty can never be destroyed.

    Anna x

  3. esperanza says:

    saludos cordiales , en serio eres linda , tierna y muy inteligente. un gran ser que vino a la Tierra para enseñarnos a amar y a respetar la vida. take care !! felicidades.bye

  4. juan fernando says:

    you are one of GODs warrior…you have strong Faith…you can believe to realities…you are the choosen one…so be yourself…so that opportunities will be granted….

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