Dirty Sheets

Dirty SheetsA newlywed couple moved to an apartment in a very busy neighborhood. On the first morning in their new home, after she had made coffee, the young bride looked through the window and watched her neighbor hanging sheets out to dry. “What dirty sheets!” she thought to herself.

“Maybe she needs to buy a different kind of detergent. I should go and teach her how to wash them properly.” Every few days, she muttered the same thing to her husband with disdain while watching her neighbor hanging out the dirty laundry in the early-morning light.

A month passed, and one day the young wife was surprised to see that her neighbor was hanging out perfectly clean sheets. She exclaimed to her husband, “Look! She finally learned to wash her clothes. I wonder who taught her how.”

The husband replied, “Well, in reality, darling, the only difference is that I got up early this morning and cleaned the window.

Too often we are willing to judge people, without realizing that what we perceive may not reflect the real situation. We view the world through the lens of our pre-conceptions. In many cases, the fault may not be with the other person but in our perception. Yoga can help bring clarity to our mind. This allows us to more easily get rid of our inherent biases. When we become less judgmental, love and light flows into our heart.

The author of this story is unknown. We found the story here.

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  1. tony enright says:

    beautiful it’s all perspective

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