On Being Wrong

In this delightful talk Kathryn Schulz attempts to free us from our attachment to “be right”. Most of us will do anything not to be wrong. And sadly many of us trudge through most of our lives spending endless energy defending ourselves rather than simply admitting our mistakes and moving on. Entire civilizations have collapsed and gone extinct because of our collective distaste for being wrong.

We all know that we are fallible and that we have been wrong in the past. But yet we all cling to the belief that in the present moment we are right. We then want to live in this comfortable bubble of “rightness” for the rest of our lives. Shattering this bubble is painful only because we have been conditioned to associate wrongness with being dumb and stupid. But once we break free from this conditioning, great riches await us. For when we admit our complete ignorance, it frees us to live in total awe of the world around us.

Find out more: On Being Wrong: The book.

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