A Chart Of A Saint’s Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Chart

  1. The ups and downs of emotions within the self-centered nature.
  2. The first hump of no-return. Complete willingness, without reservation, to give life to serve the higher will.
  3. Battle between God-centered nature and self-centered nature.
  4. First peak-experience: A glimpse of inner peace.
  5. Longer and longer plateaus of inner peace.
  6. Complete inner peace.
  7. Continuation of growth on a steadily upward path.

It is indeed rare for a saint to draw out the course of her spiritual journey. We are lucky that the saint known as Peace Pilgrim did just that for our benefit. Peace Pilgrim gave up all her possessions and even her name and dedicated her life to the service of others. (A full account of her life is provided here.)

She was a “Karma Yogi” of the highest order. The definition of Karma Yoga is to live a life of selfless service dedicated to others, while completely surrendered to the Higher Will. While Peace Pilgrim’s chart of her spiritual journey reflects her own experience, but we believe this applies to most spiritual journeys and hence is of deeper significance to all of us.

The graph is from the book “Peace Pilgrim Her Life and Work in Her Own Words”.

The Saint Who Walked Her Talk
A Test Of A Pilgrim
Peace Pilgrim’s Near Death Experience

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  1. Ram Karandikar says:


  2. I have heard of this woman. Interesting graph. Ketna you and your husband are doing an awesome job on your website! Thank you!


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