What Happens At The Time Of Death?

A beautiful video where an enlightened master is asked the age old question: What happens when we die? The question is answered in an absolutely masterful way and is worth watching multiple times to get the full depth of all that is being said. The key insight is that “all is well”. What happens depends on what we want and where we are in our journey. If we are engrossed in the world of form and have unfulfilled desires our entanglement with form will continue for more cylces. If on the other hand we have begun the process of disengagement with the world of form then our journey will progress in that direction.

Another key insight is that even for an enlightened master there is room for sorrow and grief when a loved one departs. Eckhart Tolle discusses frankly his own reaction when his parents died. He says that it is entirely possible to have the coexistence of both a place of sorrow and grief combined with an underlying current of peace.

This video is really an invitation for us. It is an invitation to build towards a level of awakening so that our journey out of desires and form begins. It is also an invitation to build a level of disengagement so that the passing of a loved one does not disrupt the underlying layer of peace.

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