Being In Chronic Pain Wears You Out!

Linda has had alignment issues since she was a five year old. She has been in chronic pain most of her life and has been on Ibuprofen. At one stage things got so bad that she needed hip surgery. She soon became overweight and unable to sleep. She was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Luckily she began using the breathing machine and this helped her get well rested. She also worked to reduce her weight and these two steps allowed her to get rid of sleep apnea. Till now she had been relying on physiotherapy but she began doing yoga on a friend’s suggestion. This has led to her complete transformation! Her chronic pain has largely disappeared and she finds that she can now walk without dragging her feet! She has stopped taking Ibuprofen. Earlier she had imagined meeting her grandchildren in a wheelchair, now she no longer entertains such thoughts.

This is a great story to share. There are many who suffer as a result of chronic pain due to alignment issues. This video should inspire them to try yoga.

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