Miracle Man

Miracle Man

"Miracle Man" Morris E. Goodman

Morris E. Goodman was an aimless unmotivated college dropout. Then one day he happened to visit a bookstore and he picked up the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book changed his life. He joined MET life and soon became their number 1 agent. Within 10 years he was running his own company as a self-made millionaire. Morris Goodman was the poster boy of the idea that you could grow rich simply by changing the way you think and “attracting success” to yourself.

But Morris was soon to face a bigger challenge. On March 10, 1981 he took his Cessna out for a leisurely flight around Chesapeake Bay. Suddenly his engine died and as he took his plane back down for an emergency landing, the landing gear got caught in wires and the plane crashed.

Morris woke up in the hospital completely immobilized. His neck was broken in two places, his diaphragm was destroyed, his voice box crushed, his kidneys, bladder, and liver were non-functioning. All he could do was stare at the ceiling above and blink. He was attached to a ventilator as he was unable to breathe on his own. Doctors said that as long as he lived he would remain in this vegetative state attached to the ventilator.

Could Morris use the “Power of thought” to heal himself? Morris firmly believed so. He imagined himself walking out unaided of the hospital. He refused to entertain thoughts of become permanently vegetative.

He began to work on his breathing. Though it hurt terribly when he tried to breathe on his own, he began to suck in a little air along with the ventilator. He did it for 100 breaths and then rested for five minutes. Then do it again for another 100 breaths. Soon he was doing 200 breaths, and then 300 breaths. One night he felt his lungs expand, and as he continued with his practice, he felt them expand again. His progress was so remarkable that doctors began weaning him off the ventilator. To the amazement of his doctors he was soon breathing on his own!

But with his diaphragm permanently damaged, there was no way he could speak. But to everybody’s utter disbelief he began using his stomach muscles to speak a few words. He is the only person in the world who can speak in this way! Due to his sheer determination and his belief in his own vision, Morris was able to walk out of the hospital on his own. Doctor’s called him “Miracle Man” and the name has stuck.

Morris’s extent of injuries was daunting and his recovery long and painful. It took two years for Morris to speak a full sentence. After returning home, it took him another five years to be able to freely walk again.

Morris has now become a very successful motivational speaker. He says, “I have a story: a one in a billion story. It’s a story that can help so many people. Not everybody will be in an airplane crash and destroy their whole body like I did. But everybody has adversity and challenges to deal with in their life.” His story illustrates that you can use your thoughts to change your life. If you truly believe and feel in your bone the future you want, it will unfold for you. Besides your own effort, the entire Universe will conspire to make it happen.

Official Miracle Man web site
You-tube video of his story on “The Secret”

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Credits:This has been written by Raj Shah and edited by Ketna Shah. Compiled from various sources on the Internet.

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