Fly To Your Dreams

Living in Compton, south of downtown Los Angeles, is no walk in the park. Especially if you are a kid. Ridden with gang violence and drugs it is difficult for kids to focus on their future and stay out of trouble. This is why Robyn Petgrave gave up his multi-million dollar business to start TAM (Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum). TAM provides young kids a safe haven where they can stay out of trouble and instead pursue their passion. The TAM program instills discipline and accountability and assists each child to find their bearing so they can focus on the future.

Robin Charles Petgrave was born in Jamaica and raised in Boston, Massachusetts by his mother while worked two fulltime jobs to make ends meet. Robin and his sister Florence spent three years in foster care before coming to America at age ten. People around Robin were influenced by the wrong crowd, and he saw their lives crumble from drugs and alcohol so he became determined to avoid self destructive behaviors at all costs and to succeed.

Robin grew up in Belmont Mass where he explored his passion for flying by joining the Civil Air Patrol, immersed himself in extracurricular activities, and blossomed as a track star in high school. On a track scholarship, he graduated from the University of Connecticut. He later qualified for the Olympics, but eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting career. It was in Los Angeles, that he discovered small flight schools, and attained his FAA Commercial Helicopter Pilot License and Certified Flight Instructor’s Certificate. Shortly after, be started his own helicopter company with $300 that grew to a 3.5 million/year business and earned him features in numerous books/magazines even an appearance on Oprah.

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