Nine Ways To Avoid A Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Heart attack is now better understood as a symptom of widespread inflammation within our body. This inflammation happens for various reasons: Widespread presence of added sugar in our diet, GMO foods introducing unknown proteins in our diet, and also the emotional clogging of our systems due to stress. Here are nine tips to avoid heart attacks:

1. Go to a “zero sugar” diet. Sugar is not just a problem for diabetics. Its pervasive presence in our diet has now turned it into an inflammatory agent. In 1800s we were consuming less than 10 pounds of sugar per year. Today we consume more than 100 pounds! Sugar clogs up our livers causing inflammation in our bodies.

2. Eat whole, fresh, organic, and balanced food. If you must consume animal protein then make sure that it comes from grass fed and farm raised source. Otherwise it is inflammatory. Avoid GMO food. Some of our GMO foods are “engineered” so that they become pest resistant. This happens by introducing genes in the food that produce proteins that bugs do not like. Guess what happens when our bodies have to deal with these proteins? Sometimes these become source of inflammation in our bodies.

3. Get your sun. Get 10 to 30 minutes of daily exposure to the sun. You want direct exposure on the skin without intervening glass. Direct exposure to sun rays reduces blood pressure, softens arteries, improves mood, produces Vitamin D and other hormones that are vital for our well being.

4. Forgive. Keeping score and an inventory of hurts is dangerous for your heart. It is best to let go and move on.

5. De-stress: Stress is toxic for your heart. Do yoga. See funny movies. Stay in touch with loved ones and friends. Watch comedy shows. Laugh. Meditate. Do Pranayama (Breathing exercises) that slows and elongates breath.

6. Sleep well. Sleep is a de-stressor and detoxifier. Get at least 7-8 hours sleep. Doze off at noon if you can.

7. Stay active and walk a lot. Always keep in mind that walking is the elixir of life.

8. Avoid animal protein cooked at high temperature. Animal protein when cooked at high temperature leads to what are known as “Glycated end products”. These are inflammatory, lead to hardening of cell walls and arteries, and generally gumming up the system. Glycation is reduced when cooking temperature is reduced and by adding ingredients like vinegar and lemon juice.

9. Enjoy life. Lighten up. Be around fun people and be fun to be with. Enjoy your work. Lead a social life meeting people and remaining engaged in causes that are bigger than us.

As you put these things into practice you will find that this is not really about avoiding heart attack but instead about living heartily.

Credits:This has been written by Raj Shah and edited by Ketna Shah.

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