Five Reasons For Yoga At Work

Yoga At Work

Yoga at work is an idea whose time has come. Here is why:

1. Better decisions: Yoga and Meditation have been shown to reshape the brain. The size of the amygdala is reduced. This is the region that controls stress. It means that in as few as six weeks participants who regularly practice yoga will begin to feel less stressed. In addition areas in the brain associated with decision-making are expanded. Participants also report better sleep and waking up well rested. All this translates to less drama at work, a calmer and less emotional decision-making environment, and better decisions. Most companies have to live and die by the choices made by its employees, and improved decisions translate directly to improvements in the bottom-line.

2. Less absenteeism: Two big reasons for absenteeism are both related to stress. Employees feel stress and pressure at work and choose to stay absent. The other reason is that due to stress employees fall ill frequently. By reducing stress levels and reshaping the brain to better cope with stress, yoga addresses these and helps reduce absenteeism.

3. Happy workforce: Imagine a place that is productive, where there are few emotional outbursts and where employees have great ability to cope with high-pressure situations. Wouldn’t such a place be fun to work at? By having employees practice yoga regularly the workforce is gradually transformed and the working environment becomes fun and challenging.

4. Fewer Workers Comp Claims: Practicing yoga regularly has been shown to strengthen the back and address issues relating to upper and lower back chronic pain. Improved balance, better hand-eye coordination, improved posture, increased flexibility, and strengthened back all mean lower work related injuries and fewer worker compensation claims.

5. Improved retention: Regular yoga practice for as less as six week has shown to increase the sense of well-being and happiness of participants. When these good results happen from an activity provided at work, it creates an association in the mind of the employee that the organization they work for is caring for them. This creates a sense of loyalty in employees and improves retention.

Yoga at the work place is a win-win-win. It is great for the bottom line, it is great for employees, and it helps transform the working environment. Why not introduce a few classes throughout the day at work, allowing employees to fit yoga into their daily schedule, and reap these benefits?

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Credits:This has been written by Raj Shah and edited by Ketna Shah.

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