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Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger

At the age of 25, in 1949, a law firm hired this man for a salary that is about $30,000 in today’s dollars. After a marriage that lasted 8 years he was divorced in 1953. He had been married since he was 21. He lost everything in the divorce, his wife keeping the family home, their only major asset. Shortly after the divorce he learnt that his son had leukemia. In those days there was no cure, nor was there any health insurance. You paid everything out of pocket. He poured everything he had into treating his son while spending as much time with him as possible. He would go to the hospital and hold his son’s hand and then stumble out into the streets crying. In 1955, a year after the diagnosis his son died at the age of 9.

Being divorced, broke, and having buried his 9 year old son, just when you think nothing could get worse, he had to undergo an horrific operation later in life, that left him in such pain that eventually he had to have one of his eye removed.

The name of this man is Charlie Munger. By the time he became 69 he was a Billionaire, counted amongst the richest 400 people in the world, and had been happily married to his second wife for 35 years. He is now father of eight children and many grandchildren and he has achieved his dream of having a huge family and a house full of books. Charlie Munger is now regarded as a well-respected businessman and thinker, his Poor Charlie’s Almanac is a classic and a must read for thinkers, leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs. How did he do it? His mantra has been to “be a constant learner”. By never stopping learning you are better today than you were yesterday, and over time this builds up and after a critical level is reached, results begin to show. For most of us this does not happen because we give up in despondency. The trick is to keep learning through success and failure.

There is no straight path to happiness, as Charlie’s life illustrates. We each have to persevere and have faith. We have to continue to learn and strive to make things better, without giving up in despondency.

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Credits: This has been written by Raj Shah and edited by Ketna Shah.

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Act Of God?

Bar Marrakech

A new bar opened in the vicinity of a church.

The church was not happy about it and the entire congregation prayed regularly to have the business shut down.

Days later the bar was struck by lightning & caught fire which destroyed it.

The bar owner sued the church for damages.

The church denied all responsibility, forcing the judge to comment, “It’s a difficult case to decide because here we have a bar owner who believes in the power of prayer & on the other hand we have a church that wants nothing to do with it!”

Editor’s note: This is obviously a joke but there is a comedy film based on a similar idea: The Man Who Sued God

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Five Ways To Kill Your Dreams

Bel Pesce is amongst “the 100 most influential people in Brazil”. At a young age she has a bestselling book to her name and has opened a school dedicated at helping students. In this lovely talk she provides us with the five common mistakes we make while pursuing our dreams:

1. We believe in overnight success – Rather than willing to put in the effort for success we hope for miracles.
2. We think someone will ride to the rescue – Our energy is wasted in hoping rather than doing.
3. We hang up our boots too soon – We give up too soon or are happy with partial success.
4. We blame someone else- We are unable to take responsibility for our goals.
5. We think that only achieving goals matter – We fail to grasp that the journey is as important as the goal.

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Yoga Is For Everyone!

Disabled can do yoga

The not so thin can do yoga

Not so flexible can give yoga a shot

And even the pregnant can do yoga

Prisoners can do yoga

Warriors can do yoga

Toddlers can do Yoga

Elderly can do yoga

Teenagers can do yoga

NBA stars can do yoga

Busy executives can do yoga

Masai tribesmen can do yoga

And yogis can do yoga

Credit: This is a photo montage compiled from various publicly posted pictures on the Internet.

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Night Owls Beware

Night Owls Beware
Humans are firmly divided into two camps: “Morning persons” and “Night Owls”. Till recently it was considered equally fine if you belonged to either camp. But now evidence is piling up that “early to bed, early to rise” may be good for you. Here are three things to know:

1. Being a night owl is a health risk: A recent study shows that night owl’s are significantly more likely to have diabetes and women night owls doubled their risks of having metabolic syndrome (High blood sugar, high cholesterol, excess fat around waist). This is because our hormonal system is geared to remain awake and alert during the day and rest at night. Eating at night throws things off balance and so does getting light stimuli.

2. You can change your type: The notion that these two categories are mutually exclusive is not true. You can switch from being a night owl to a morning person (and also go the other way).

3. Shift gradually: To switch you have to do it in a gradual manner. The key is to wake up early, get sun during the day, and eat a light dinner earlier than usual. Do this one-hour at a time and stick with it for a week or two and then do another hour, till the cycle shifts. So let us say you wake up at 10 am every day, then start your shift by waking up an hour early, at 9 am, and sleep an hour earlier than your usual time, shifting everything by an hour, while ensuring that you get a lot of sun during the day and tone down the lights and stimuli in the evening. Once this schedule stabilizes, you can shift another hour and wake up at 8 am, moving everything by an hour as you did before. You can continue this so that in a month or two your schedule has shifted to turn you into an early riser. The key is not to backslide on the weekends and keep the discipline.

If you are having metabolic syndrome or you are struggling with diabetes or excess weight you want to be sure that you take “early to bed, early to rise” at heart.

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Credits: This has been written by Raj Shah and edited by Ketna Shah.

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