Eight Secrets Of Success

Richard St. John spent 7 years doing 500 interviews talking to successful people to find out what made them successful. He distills this into eight secrets in this fast paced three minute talk. This is one of the most popular TED talks ever and is worth watching and sharing. The key message for us is that success happens not due to ambition or ego. It happens when you shut the ego out and let passion take over. When the ego is away, work becomes fun and you can have a great time working hard. And because successful people are able to focus on one thing and work hard persistently they become good at what they are doing. This is a big driver of success. Because the effort is outside the context of the ego it becomes a way to serve others. It now becomes easy to push yourself hard to take you beyond where you could imagine you could go. Also great collaboration occurs outside the context of the ego and good ideas flow and mature in such an environment.

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Little Dust


It is said that for many who attain enlightenment, the experience is so complete and overpowering that they do not want to come back into the world of duality again. Many are simply happy to pass away in this state of Samadhi. Yet others continue to live, but they do so silently and anonymously without talking about their experience to others. But luckily for us a small minority chooses to talk about its experience.

It is said that after attaining Enlightenment the Buddha’s first impulse was to abide in the effulgence of Bliss without turning back to convey the incommunicable to mankind.

Then he reflected, “Some there are who are clear sighted and do not need my teaching.”

“And some whose eyes are clouded with dust who will not heed it though given.”

“But between these two there are also some with but little dust in their eyes, who can be helped to see; and for the sake of these I will go back among mankind and teach.”

So the question before us is: Are we among those whose eyes are clouded with just a little dust, and who can pay heed to the message of prophets and saints of the past who spoke for our sake?

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Credits:This has been written by Raj Shah and edited by Ketna Shah.

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Six Ways To Make The Most Of MyLifeYoga

MyLifeYoga was started in mid 2011. At that point we had no idea that this was going to turn into a run away success and our posts would reach so many people. All we wanted is to create a platform for those who sought something deeper in life. Now that MyLifeYoga has turned into a thriving community, how can you make the most of it? This article provides some answers:

1. Get Inspired

The good news is that we are not alone in trying to find meaning in our lives. Many have trudged this path before and some have come back with great answers. MyLifeYoga makes it a point to document some of their stories. We have a special section called “Stories” devoted to this (See picture below). Here you will find stories of saints and mystics. You will also find stories of people like you and me who have found deeper meaning through yoga or selfless work, or have been helped with a health issue.

Stories Section Of MyLifeYoga

2. Let Your Hair Down Continue reading

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The Life Of Papaji- Enlightenment


H. W. L. Poonja ("Papaji")

Papaji has been one of the eminent non-dual saints of modern times. We covered his early life in an earlier post. The previous post bought him to the doorstep of the sage Ramana Maharishi.

When he reached the hermitage where Ramana Maharishi stayed he was shocked to see that Ramana Maharishi was none other than the same man who had visited his home. He was disgusted at this and made preparations to leave without meeting the sage. He thought, “Ramana Maharishi visits my home advertises himself and then jumps back on a train to reach here before me! How disgusting! He is nothing but a fraud who wanders the country advertising himself.”

Just as he was leaving he ran into somebody who convinced him to stay. He assured him that Ramana Maharishi had never left town for the past forty-eight years. His curiosity aroused Harivansh decided to stay and meet the sage.

When Harivansh eventually met Ramana Maharishi he was very aggressive. He asked him repeatedly if he had come to his house, but he got no answer from the sage. Eventually he asked Ramana Maharishi to show him God. To this query the sage replied, “No. I cannot show you God or enable you to see God, because God is not an object to be seen. God is the subject. He is the seer. Don’t concern yourself with objects that can be seen. Find out who the seer is.” He then added, “You alone are God!”

Just when the sage stopped speaking Harivansh felt his entire body tremble and shake. His nerve endings felt as if they were dancing and his hair stood on end. Harivansh later described the experience as an opening of the spiritual heart, “It was as if a bud inside opened up and bloomed. And when I say ‘Heart’ I don’t mean that the flowering was located in a particular place in the body. This Heart, this Heart of my Heart, was neither inside the body nor out of it. I can’t give a more exact description of what happened. All I can say is that in the Maharishi’s presence, and under his gaze, the Heart opened and bloomed. It was an extraordinary experience, one that I had never had before. I had not come looking for any kind of experience, so it totally surprised me when it happened.” Continue reading

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Men Can Fix Anything!

Men can fix anything! Here is proof:

Seatbelt broken? I can fix that!

Fix Seat Belt

Electrical problem? I can fix that!

Fix Electrical

Car stereo stolen? I can fix that! Continue reading

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