Yoga Saved Me. More Than Once!

Rebecca Butler

Rebecca Butler

I started practicing yoga right after graduating from college. I was in Austin working at an advertising agency next door to the global headquarters of Whole Foods, where they were offering classes upstairs. I had no idea what to expect. I figured it would be granola and easy. I was shocked when I broke a sweat.

A few years later, I was a runner. My knees were killing me though, so a friend, who was very fit, suggested that I join her at Bikram yoga. I went. I loved it. The end. I hung up my running shoes and never looked back. Within a yearʼs time, I was modeling for Lake Austin Spa, busting out dancerʼs pose at the waterʼs edge during sunrise.

Iʼd always had really bad female problems – debilitating cramps, extreme moodiness during PMS, and an irregular cycle. I started noticing that after every class, I would be miserable with cramps. So I went to the doctor. They did a sonogram and discovered I had uterine fibroids. The doctor removed them. It was a surprisingly complicated surgery. During this time, my marriage was suffering. My husband was a little bit older and he wanted to have children. I was on the fence about children, but we had tried a couple of times to no avail. After surgery, because of the extent of dissection required to remove the fibroids, the doctor said, “Letʼs not discuss fertility until you are ready to really give it a go.”
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I Connect To Myself Through Yoga!

This short video of Priya’s journey into yoga provides us with some insights. It shows the transformative power of yoga in action when it talks about, “How you see the world, changes how the way the world sees you.”

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Being In Chronic Pain Wears You Out!

Linda has had alignment issues since she was a five year old. She has been in chronic pain most of her life and has been on Ibuprofen. At one stage things got so bad that she needed hip surgery. She soon became overweight and unable to sleep. She was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Luckily she began using the breathing machine and this helped her get well rested. She also worked to reduce her weight and these two steps allowed her to get rid of sleep apnea. Till now she had been relying on physiotherapy but she began doing yoga on a friend’s suggestion. This has led to her complete transformation! Her chronic pain has largely disappeared and she finds that she can now walk without dragging her feet! She has stopped taking Ibuprofen. Earlier she had imagined meeting her grandchildren in a wheelchair, now she no longer entertains such thoughts.

This is a great story to share. There are many who suffer as a result of chronic pain due to alignment issues. This video should inspire them to try yoga.

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Yoga Is My Interferon Shot!

Chris Biggins found out that she had Multiple Sclerosis and needed interferon shots every other day. A year later she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This started her into a regime of Chemotherapy and two round of Mastectomy surgeries. After her chemo was done somehow she found her way into a yoga class. She immediately knew that this was something that her body needed. Yoga is something that took her from a depressive state sitting on the couch to a state where she could feel a shift in her healing journey.

Chris Biggins story is something that is being repeated all over the world where patients are discovering the power of yoga to heal. This is message that needs to be broadcast and shared so that more people can access the healing power of yoga.

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Pain From Nowhere

June Stein was happily married with a busy career. Then suddenly she was hit with a “Pain from nowhere”. A Rheumatologist diagnosed her with a condition known as “Ankylosing Spondylitis”. This is an inflammatory disease that can cause vertebrae in the spine to fuse. This is a progressive disease with no known cure. When June heard this she was devastated. But soon she began her own research and felt increasingly confident that yoga could help her. She turned out to be correct and has now completely reversed her disease and is completely pain free! Her story is incredibly inspiring and worth watching. Please feel free to share it with those who might be helped by learning about this.

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