Amazing Love Story

Last year (2011) Sam Goddard – a vibrant, good looking 24 year-old man – was playing in a charity soccer game when he suffered a series of massive strokes that left him fighting for his life. Doctors gave him just five percent chance for survival. They also told the family that if he even survived he would be unable to walk or talk. At one point the doctors told his fiance, Sally, that the best outcome for Sam and his family was that he get an infection and die.

Fortunately for Sam, Sally was not the one to give up easily. She took him home to his family and started researching on the web. She found that some people in similar situations were getting amazing results from this discredited sleeping pill. Thus started a period of experimentation that led to this amazing breakthrough.

This is a story of a medical miracle where an ordinary sleeping pill is able to awaken portions of the brain that are otherwise unreachable. But more than the story of a miracle medical finding, this is an incredible love story. The love story between Sam Goddard and Sally Nielson shows us the incredible and beautiful power of love. It shows us that when love reaches a state of egolessness then it turns into a deep yogic journey and becomes something divine.

Story on MSNBC
The story covered on Nova Live: Radio show.
Latest update: Sam and Sally to marry 2013 Valentine’s day.

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Mariah’s Challenge

Leo McCarthy’s 14 year old daughter, Mariah, was killed a block away from home by an underage drunk driver. He is now on a mission to help kids stay away from drinking and substance abuse. Here is his story. You can support him by spreading his message. Please share.

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The Music Of Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick Henry Hughes was born blind and with severe disabilities. Patrick and his family have not allowed this from stopping him in any way. Today Patrick plays in the college marching band and is also an accomplished musician. The music that Patrick creates comes with a message: It is a message that speaks to the opportunity of untapped potential lying dormant inside all of us.

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A Different Kind Of Mugging Incident

Mugging KindnessIt was late evening when31 year old social worker, Julio Diaz, dismbarked from his 1 hour commute into a nearly empty station. He was on his way to his favorite restaurant when things took an unexpected turn. A teenage boy approached him and then pulled out his knife.

Diaz did not resist. He quickly gave him his wallet. But as the teen turned to go Diaz stopped him. “Hey wait a minute! If you are going to be up all night robbing people, might as well take my coat to keep yourself warm.”

The teen had a look of uncomprehension on his face. “Why are you doing this?” He asked.

Seeing an opening Diaz continued, “If you were willing to risk your freedom for a few dollars, then I guess you really need the money. Look I am going to have a dinner. Do you mind if you join me?” Continue reading

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Raynaud’s Relief With Hot Yoga

Raynauds PhenomenonOne month since my first visit to Yoga Passion & I feel like I am on a journey of discovery. I don’t know what I’ll find but it keeps luring me on. I’ve already had one revelation to share with you. I have a condition known as Raynaud’s Phenomenon brought on by exposure to cold, stress & rheumatoid arthritis. With Raynaud’s the blood flow to the extremities– hands, feet, etc. — gets interrupted & the blood vessels go into spasms. During the spasms, my hands will turn totally white, then purple, then red & finally return to normal. The spasms may be brief or can last for extended periods. I can assure you that the spasms are not fun … and sometimes really, really, really hurt.

At any rate…

One evening last week I was home after class and it struck me with such a ‘thud’ that I said out loud “Oh, my God!” I suddenly realized on any evening that I had attended yoga, I didn’t have any bouts with Raynaud’s. My hands were perfectly fine. (Of course, every other part of my body ached, but my hands were fine!) This almost seems to good to be true, yet I have been to three more classes since the ‘revelation’ and each time, no Raynaud’s that evening!

You cannot possibly know how excited I am & how I look forward to telling my doctor on my next visit. If yoga can have this effect on me in 1 month, then do you think by the end of 3 months, I will have lost 15 pounds & regained the body of a 30-year-old? Seriously, it is very special. As I said above, I look forward to continuing the journey.

Credits: This is a testimonial written by Lynne M. Middleton. This has been reposted with permission from Peter Sklivas of Yoga Passion. You can find the original here.

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