The Cab Ride I’ll Never Forget

Taxi Ride There was a time in my life twenty years ago when I was driving a cab for a living. It was a cowboy’s life, a gambler’s life, a life for someone who wanted no boss, constant movement and the thrill of a dice roll every time a new passenger got into the cab.

What I didn’t count on when I took the job was that it was also a ministry. Because I drove the night shift, my cab became a rolling confessional. Passengers would climb in, sit behind me in total anonymity and tell me of their lives. We were like strangers on a train, the passengers and I, hurtling through the night, revealing intimacies we would never have dreamed of sharing during the brighter light of day. I encountered people whose lives amazed me, ennobled me, made me laugh and made me weep.

And none of those lives touched me more than that of a woman I picked up late on a warm August night. I was responding to a call from a small brick fourplex in a quiet part of town. I assumed I was being sent to pick up some partiers, or someone who had just had a fight with a lover, or someone going off to an early shift at some factory for the industrial part of town. When I arrived at the address, the building was dark except for a single light in a ground-floor window. Under these circumstances, many drivers would just honk once or twice, wait a short minute, then drive away. Too many bad possibilities awaited a driver who went up to a darkened building at 2:30 in the morning.

But I had seen too many people trapped in a life of poverty who depended on the cab as their only means of transportation. Unless a situation had a real whiff of danger, I always went to the door to find the passenger. It might, I reasoned, be someone who needs my assistance. Would I not want a driver to do the same if my mother or father had called for a cab?

So I walked to the door and knocked. Continue reading

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Jody Fisher’s Fun List

This is a story of a mom’s battle with cancer. But when you see it, you realize that this is not about cancer or even a battle to live. Instead this is a story of a community of support and love sprouting around this family’s struggle. And you will find that this is a story about making the most of every living moment. When you see this video you will realize that yoga is not just about postures or meditation. In its heart yoga is about love, and this is why Jody Fisher’s story is yoga story.

Latest update: On Saturday, March 17th, 2012 Jodi Fisher passed away. Her spirit and courage has touched all our lives. She will be missed.

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90 Year Old Widow Surprised When $3,100 Returned To Her

90 year old Evelyn Weiner living in southwest Florida found an old film canister in her home. This contained 8mm film shot in the early 1940s in Connecticut with her family.

Family members insisted that she have the film converted to a newer digital format, so she dropped the film off at the local Walmart. From here it was shipped to a company called Yes Video’ in Georgia, to have it turned into a DVD.

What happened next was entirely unexpected.

A Yes Video employee found a hidden stash of money inside the canister, $3,100 in all, and made sure that the money was returned to her. Evelyn was totally surprised!

Evelyn says she can’t believe a stranger who could have quietly pocketed the money would make sure she got it back. “When you pick up the newspaper or watch the television, everybody’s bad, everybody steals,” she observes. “And here, somebody hands me money that I didn’t know was there.”

The money will help with her finances and her children’s, too. “It came at a very good time, as if my husband was still watching out for me,” she says.

So for Evelyn, not only do the memories have a new life, she says she has a renewed faith in the honesty of others.

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Credits: This is a CBS news video released on You-tube.

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The Best Antidepressant

After two years of health club “pseudo-yoga” & two yoga weekend workshops, I found Peter & Yoga Passion. My life is different now. After three months of regular HotCore (Bikram) practice I am serene. My friends want to know what I am “on” and I say yoga. They laugh because they are not aware. I leave the door open to them to join me & see the light.

The most important change in my life is I no longer take depression medication. Through yoga & a soy-based diet I feel happier & more energized than ever before. No more steak or chicken for dinner at my house. Have gone pretty much vegetarian. The Kripalu cookbook is my bible. It feels soooooo good to eat this way. My body thanks me every morning when I wake up with energy, feeling light & aware. Thanks Peter, Bikram & all who came before you.

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Credits: This is a testimonial written by CW Peabody. This has been reposted with permission from Peter Sklivas of Yoga Passion. You can find the original here.

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Yoga Helped Recovery From A Botched Surgery

Elizabeth Meier

Elizabeth Meier

Beth Meier first discovered yoga in the aftermath of a personal tragedy.

Four years ago, she was involved in a bad car accident. But it wasn’t the crash that put her on the mat. It was a botched surgery on her jaw. A surgeon accidentally cut into her inner ear, causing her to lose her sense of balance and experience bouts of vertigo.

Yoga, Meier realized, not only helped ease her emotional pain, it also enabled her to get her core strength back. It was difficult at first, particularly the poses that require being upside down. However, the overall workout, including relaxing breathing exercises, allowed her to regain her active lifestyle.

The new way of life was so powerful that it inspired Meier to open her own yoga studio. iThrive Yoga opened May 1 in a southern suburb of Denver and is already changing students’ way of thinking.

Meier originally planned to open a studio geared toward children after learning about the tremendous benefits to young people, including breathing techniques that reduce stress during test taking and general empowerment to control their emotions. It also instills a confidence in children that few other physical activities can.

Towards this end Meier trained with an international organization known as YogaKids. However the many upsides of yoga for adults led Meier to open her studio up to all ages. Some classes will be mixed, while others will be age-restricted. Parents and kids could further solidify their bond by joining the same class, said Meier, a mother of two.

“Yoga has helped me a lot, and I hope that by opening this studio this benefit is available to the members of my community,” said Meier.

Credits: This story was contributed by Beth Meier. You can find her at her studio iThrive Yoga.

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