How Yoga Has Improved My Health And Happiness

Scott Briscoe

Scott Briscoe

I am sure each person who has ever practiced yoga can tell a story how “yoga has resulted in a positive change in their life.” Since beginning a regular, consistent yoga practice 2 months ago I have seen transformation changes to my health and happiness, I wanted to share.

I have always considered myself to be a very lucky guy. I have a good life with a great family, with great opportunities/ experiences that have made me into the person I am. Some of these opportunities / experiences include:

  • Attending College and earning a bachelor and masters’ degree
  • Great opportunities within “corporate America” that have allowed me build a great skill set and have always have a good job
  • Surviving Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (a cancer of the lymphatic system) during my late teenage years
  • Having a great network of friends who continually have a positive impact on my life

In January 2010 life was still positive and moving along well. Despite the economic challenges our society was facing, I was fortunate to have a good job and continue living as I had for most of my adult life. However, as the year progressed I noticed changes in myself that had been building for some time that I wasn’t necessarily thrilled about. Continue reading

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Being Pain-Free Is Liberating To The soul!

Pain Free

Stephanie’s yoga classes cured my debilitating back pain. I had suffered through periodic episodes of excruciating back pain for over a decade. A herniated disk was diagnosed easily. But a reliable cure was not found until Stephanie. I used to subconsciously “protect” my back by avoiding engaging it, leading to defensive posture and misalignment.

With Stephanie’s classes, I have freed my back of fear of pain. Now I feel stronger, aligned, and at ease with working my back. It has changed my body and my spirit. It is obvious to others too. In recent times numerous people who I see rarely have commented about how healthy and relaxed I look, and they’re right. Being confidently pain-free is liberating to the soul. Thanks to Stephanie’s classes, I am pain free and confident physically in my 40s in ways I could not imagine in my 30s. My only regret, it took too long to find her.” – Ben Aitkenhead

This is a testimonial provided for Stephanie Foster and has been reposted with permission. You may find this and more tetimonails here. If you have a testimonial that could help guide others please send it to us: info [at] mylifeyoga [dot] com

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How Yoga Improved My Running

Yoga Improved RunningAs I begin my preparation for the Chattanooga Scenic Half Marathon tomorrow, I find myself reflecting on the role yoga has played in my training. I’ve been running marathons and half marathons since 1998, and have kept myself at least half marathon ready for over five years. One year ago I began my yoga journey mostly because I wanted to find an alternative to the cross training I was doing at the time. I was also at a very difficult emotional place in my life with many life events interfering with my serenity. I continued to find running meditation (something I began implementing in my runs many years ago) helpful in bringing a sense of balance and serenity but was not finding the same benefits with my weight lifting and Pilates cross training routines.

Everyone’s heard yoga can be a peaceful restorative type of physical practice and that stretching is good for any runner so I decided to pick it up. And let’s face it runners typically have upper bodies that resemble limp noodles or sticks. I began with a one day a week class at my local YMCA, gym yoga as they say. I can’t say that I was hooked from the first experience but I definitely remember feeling a sense of having done something I had not previously done and yes I did feel stretched and a little more relaxed. I continued to show up sporadically, with no real commitment. I don’t know what happened but something began to shift within me even with this modest commitment. Even with my irregular practice I started to notice muscles in my upper body and core that seemed to have eluded me. Continue reading

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Three Ways Yoga Changed My Life

Claire Austen

Claire Austen

We constantly hear about the health benefits of yoga, but generalities quickly become tangible when a personal story is told. I’d like to share one such story with you today: the story of how yoga changed my life.

I began practicing over four years ago. It started as a New Year’s resolution, and ended as one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I could write a report on all the things that yoga has brought to my life, but in the interest of time and space I’ll focus on just three things:

1. Yoga eased the near constant pain in my neck.

When I was in 7th grade I was involved in a serious school bus accident. The accident left me with permanent bone damage and a pinched nerve in my neck. Since the injury occurred, I tried chiropractic care, physical therapy, medicine, and anything else I could think of to ease the pain. But nothing worked – until I began practicing yoga.

Gradually over time, the pain in my neck eased. Today, I’ve found that if I skip a few yoga practice sessions, the pain slowly begins to return. But as soon as I get back on the mat, I can feel the difference. Continue reading

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How Yoga Changed My Competitive Life Forever

Deborah Dunham

Deborah Dunham

As I lay face down on my sweaty mat exhausted from two-thirds of the 90 minute class, our teacher instructed us to squat down on our toes, balance all of our weight on our palms, swing both legs over to the right and place them on our right elbow. I looked over at Miss Gumby Girl next to me who seemed like she came out of her mother’s womb striking this pose and thought, “Whatever, b–ch. I could out-run you any day.”

That was my mentality when I first started yoga a little over a year ago.

I was highly competitive in all things athletic, but for some reason, yoga was my arch nemesis. You see, as much of a runner and triathlete that I was, a yogi I was not. I could run 26.2 miles and qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon, complete half-ironman races and place second in my age group, and yet, I couldn’t touch my toes. Nor could I come close to a wheel, lotus or boat pose. And a standing split? Please.

Excelling at a sport had always been a fixation. But in reality, the pursuit of perfection was the enemy. I was constantly challenging myself to newer and bigger goals, faster times, longer distances, just to see if I could do it and out-do others. Which is why yoga caught me so off-guard.

Not sure which inflexible appendage went where on most of the poses, I struggled at first because I was determined to conquer yoga. I wanted to look like Gumby Girl. I wanted to not feel ridiculous when doing a half-pigeon that looked more like a stuffed bird rolled over on its side. I wanted to be a yogi!

The only problem was, I sucked. Continue reading

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