Thrown Into Expansive Feeling Of Freedom!

Jim Carrey relates here an amazing experience he had while meditating. All he can say now is, “The feeling is amazing!”

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Isn’t That What We Are Supposed To Do?

Tricia Somers was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer when she met Tricia Seaman, a nurse at the Pinnacle Health Hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “Before she even said anything, I just felt comfort. It was almost like someone just put a warm blanket on me. I’ve never felt anything like that before or any other connection with anybody else.” So Somers asked Seaman for an incredible favor. Watch to learn Seaman’s equally incredible response.

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A Cut Above

Selfless actions have tremendous power in them. They transform all those who are touched by such actions and so also the doer of these. Entire communities stand transformed in their wake. Leroy’s story illustrates this. If you come to think of it, what can a simple barber do? But you see in this video how simple actions can transform everything around them.

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Yoga Is Self Exploration!

Andrea Leigh had a lot of tension and anxiety in her life. But then she discovered yoga and for the first time in her life she connected to her own self and her anxiety slowly melted away. Here is her story in her own words.

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Love Is Stronger Than Fear!

In this video, yoga teacher Desiree Rumbaugh opens up about her personal journey and how yoga has shaped her has a teacher, a student, and a mother.

Here is a priceless quote from the video: “A yogi is someone who uses everything that happens to him or her to their advantage.”

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