A Boy And His Dog

“The day that Haachi met Owen was utterly incredible. It was electric. It was spiritual… they immediately understood they were going to work together as a team.” ~ Colleen Drummond, Owen’s stepmother. Owen is a 7-year old boy with a rare syndrome that leaves his muscles in a constant state of tension. Haatchi is an Anatolian Shepherd that was left to die on the railroad tracks, but managed to escape with a severed leg and tail. The shy little boy and the giant three-legged dog have been best friends since the day they met. “Everything changed in my life with him,” says Owen of Haatchi. Drummond adds: “Owen and Haatchi simplify everything with pure love.”

Credit: Karma Yoga.

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Breaking A Bad Habit

Breaking A Bad Habit
It is never easy to break a bad habit. Here is a story from the life of the younger brother of Yogananda, Sananda Lal Gosh, that throws some light on this subject. It is from the time when they were both in their teens. Sananda refers to his older brother affectionately as “Mejda” or “middle brother”. Though still young, Yogananda already was aready a spiritual stalwart and was held in high esteem by his younger brother. Here is his account:

While I was a student in Sermapore College, I succumbed to the influence of some of my friends and developed a strong liking for cigarettes. In India it is considered a discourtesy to some in the presence of one’s elders or superiors, so our relatives did not know that I had acquired this noisome habit. I soon realized that I was a slave to smoking, so I tried several times to quit. But the habit had such a pernicious hold; I could not give it up.

I am sure Mejda knew of my inner struggle. One day while we were together and waiting for somebody, Mejda suddenly said, “You should realize that anyone who accomplishes something great in his life does so only through the power of his will. The potential strength of the mind is unlimited; it can do anything. Those who are addicted to harmful habits such as smoking, chewing betel leaf with tobacco, taking snuff, or drinking alcohol, do not use sufficient will power to stop. If one’s mental strength is exercised to control little habits, he will have increased power to do greater things.”

His words struck a deep chord in my mind. I realized he was trying to help me break my hidden habit of smoking. “If I can’t even control the desire to smoke,” I thought, “how will I accomplish anything worthwhile in my life?” That day promised myself I would never smoke again, even if it killed me. It was difficult; the withdrawal symptoms were painful. For several days I experienced digestive problems. A little soda water and some digestive medicine helped. And after some days I knew the habit had been broken. When I next saw Mejda, I bowed at his feet. He just smiled, and said nothing. We understood each other.

The key takeaway from this story is that Yogananda helped his younger brother by encouraging him, while at the same time he was not judgmental. This applies for us too. Once we find ourselves in the grip of a bad habit, it does not help if we are judgmental on ourselves. It does us no good to beat ourselves up. Rather focus your energy at the task at hand and use your will power to overcome your habit.

Credit: This account is provided in the book Mejda written by Sananda Lal Ghosh.

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Sir, I Won’t Be Able To Serve You!

Micheal Garcia

Micheal Garcia

A waiter at a steakhouse in Houston, Texas has won a lot of fans after refusing to serve a customer who made a cruel comment about a special needs child that he didn’t wish to be seated near.

The incident took place at Laurenzo’s, where Michael Garcia has been working for more than two years and enjoys a good rapport with many of his regular customers.

On Wednesday night he greeted two groups of regulars – Kim Castillo and her family, including five-year-old Milo who has Down syndrome, and another group who sat in the adjacent booth.

Not long after Garcia seated the second family they requested to be moved. Garcia duly obliged, until he heard the man say, ‘Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.’

Garcia was thrown by the cruel remark and couldn’t believe that the man had said it in front of his own children. Although worried that he might lose his job, Garcia felt he had to something.

‘It was very disturbing,’ he told ABC13. ‘My personal feelings just took over and I told this man, ‘Sir, I won’t be able to serve you.’”

That family quickly left, but not before Garcia told him: ‘How could you say that? How could you say that about a beautiful five-year-old angel?’
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Yoga Brings Yourself To Self!

Larisa suffered from depression and anxiety, besides severe knee pain and severe headaches. One day her regular class was cancelled and she stumbled into a Yoga class. Soon she became a regular, and all her ailments have disappeared!

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Bad Speller

Bad Speller

A warthog hits this lady and the husband calls 911.

The operator asks, “Where are you at”?

The husband replies, “I’m on Eucolipstic Road.”

The operator asks, “Can you spell that for me?”

“Well… I’ll just drag her over to Oak so you can you pick her up there?”

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