cooking class

Food is the elixir of life! Ketna loves to cook and enjoys eating! Unfortunately in today’s fast paced life, we tend to resort to pre-cooked meals or fast food. Consequently, the art of cooking is on a steady decline. Ketna wants to change that.

Ketna’s cooking classes are designed to ignite the joy of home cooking in you. She will show you how to cook healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals. Many of her recipes can be cooked quickly and are in tune with today’s fast paced lifestyle.

Ketna has studied both Ayurveda and Ayurvedic nutrition. Her training has made her intimately aware of the connection between food and health and also the connection between cooking styles and health. She tries to convey these insights in her cooking classes.

Ketna’s recipes are Ayurvedic, Indian, and vegetarian. What you learn from these can be applied to any type of meal and cooking style. Her cooking class involves teaching some basic Ayurvedic principles of food and cooking. Students are then provided recipes for a complete meal followed by a demonstration in preparing the meals using the featured recipe. When the meal has been prepared, all participants sit down together to savor Ketna’s delightful creations!

Classes are typically held on Friday mornings in the Lone Tree area of Colorado. If there are more than 5 students, she can schedule on mutual convenience. To get started please use the contact form.


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