Yoga Challenges Your Body!

A professional cricketer found his career plans disrupted due to injuries. He discovered yoga in rehab. He now sees its power not just for rehab but in building strength, flexibility and balance. “I see myself doing yoga through my whole career span,” he says in this video. Its a great interview as it addresses a few misconceptions: Is yoga too soft and not challenging enough? Is yoga only for girls? Please watch and share.

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Confidence Equals Beauty!

Beauty Equals Confidence

Turia Pitt, 24, working in mining engineering in Australia, was invited to run a marathon race in 2011. She had earlier planned to skip it as she thought the thousand pound entrance fee was ridiculous. But when the organizers waived the fees she opted in.

But partway through the race she along with three other competitors became trapped by a bushfire in a narrow, rocky gorge. Her injuries were so bad that not only did she suffer 64% burns but four fingers from her left hand and her right thumb had to be amputated. She now says that most likely all four of them would have died in the gorge itself had it not been for a risky and heroic rescue undertaken by a helicopter crew.

After undergoing countless surgeries and spending six months in the hospital fighting for her life, Turia Pitt now calls herself as the “luckiest girl in the world”.

Not only has Pitt made a breathtaking recovery, in the past six months alone she rode her bike from Sydney to Uluru, swam a 20 kilometer race in Western Australia and walked the Great Wall of China.

About her being the cover girl for The Australian Women’s Weekly she says, “I feel very humbled. For me it sends the message that confidence equals beauty. There are lot of women out there who are so beautiful but don’t have the confidence, and that’s what gets you over the line.”

“We all have that inner strength, but rarely do we get the chance to see how incredible we truly are,” Pitt said in a separate interview. “I’ve had to claw my way back into life — learn to walk, to talk. All the things I had taken for granted before became seemingly impossible tasks.”

Beauty comes in many vessels and Turia Pitt’s astounding cover picture illustrates this. It indicates that when we get in touch with our inner strength it shows up as beauty.

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Credits:This has been written by Raj Shah and edited by Ketna Shah. Compiled from various sources on the Internet.

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Giving The Gift Of Health

Why do we have “food deserts” in our cities? Why are the food choices so poor for millions of people?
For Robin Emmons her journey started with the plight of her brother, but she did not stop there. Since then she has grown 26,000 pounds of produce for those who lack access to healthy food in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Full story: Creating an oasis in a Souther food desert

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Our Yoga Stories

People at a yoga conference are asked how yoga helps them. One response: “Yoga chills me and gives me perspective…..It’s like magic!” Watch video for more insights and share this to pass the message on.

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My Legs And Back Have Never Felt Better!

Hair Dresser
As a hairdresser I’m on my feet for very long periods of time and bending at the sink all day to shampoo. Since I started coming just over two months ago, I can honestly say that my legs and back have never felt better!! Not to mention the fact that with summer and bathing-suit weather upon us, the 7 pounds I’ve shed doesn’t make me feel too bad either! I’ve never liked gyms and aerobics never changed my body too much, but HotCore (Bikram) yoga made me see a HUGE difference in flexibility, tone and overall general health. I am a walking advertisement at the salon because I want everyone to go and feel as good as I do.

Chrissy Gianakakis Beverly, MA

Credits: This is a testimonial written by Chrissy Gianakakis. This has been reposted with permission from Peter Sklivas of Yoga Passion. You can find the original here.

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