If They Can Believe Them, They Can Achieve Them!

CNN Hero Tawanda Jones took a decision. She was going to stay put in her tough neighborhood and help struggling kids. Till date she has helped over 4000 kids. Of this decision she says, “Selfless acts of kindness will cause overflow of blessing you couldn’t possibly be ready for!”

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We Could Not Sit Around And Wait For Our Son To Die!

Isaac was born April 14, 2004. Except for the fact that he was overweight, everything else was normal. In fact he was a dream baby. He rarely cried, nursed well, slept lots and was incredibly content. Slowly however things started unraveling and eventually the McFadyen’s learnt that Isaac suffered from a rare disease with no known cure and a short life expectancy. When it became apparent to Andrew McFadyen, Isaac’s father, that there was treatment available, but was denied because of costs, he decided to put up a fight rather than just sit around and wait for his son to die. What is more remarkable is that not only has Andrew helped his son, but is now on a quest to help other parents who find themselves in a similar situation.

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Yoga Brings Yourself To Self!

Larisa suffered from depression and anxiety, besides severe knee pain and severe headaches. One day her regular class was cancelled and she stumbled into a Yoga class. Soon she became a regular, and all her ailments have disappeared!

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Johnny The Bagger

A great and inspiring true story of “Johnny the bagger” whose simple actions wrought tremendous changes around him. Why should we feel powerless and despondent?

Credit: Thanks to KarmaTube for pointing us to this story.

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Yoga Saved My Life!

Drum and bass pioneer Goldie is much more than a music producer and DJ. He’s a pioneer in sonic architecture, an actor, successful graffiti artist and entrepreneur. Many who listen to electronic music know Goldie is a legend, but few truly know why. In this BBC interview Goldie reveals that Yoga is a big reason for his success.

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