Yoga Restored My Feminity!

Emily Herakovich found herself working in an “all men” environment. She found that slowly this was transforming her to become more and more masculine. She found this to be too stressful and one day she quit her job and took to yoga. Now she finds that she can be who she is reverting back to her feminine self.

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The Solar Suitcase

In 2008 Dr. Laura Stachel was in Northern Nigeria. She was studying ways to lower maternal mortality in state hospitals. The situation was so bad that getting pregnant was considered as having one foot in the grave. One reason for this was lack of reliable electricity. Not willing to accept the situation as it is Laura wrote to her husband who devised a solar solution that eventually became the “Solar Suitcase”. The world is a better place because of people like Laura and her husband who care and are willing to go the extra mile to find a solution. In 2013 Laura Stachel was awarded the “CNN Hero” award. To date more than 300 Solar Suitcases have been assembled and sent to 25 countries.

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Yoga Healed My Pubic Bone

When Laura Moore gave birth to her second son almost 15 years ago, he came out so fast that her pubic bone split! Her doctor told her it would take 2 years to heal because there was no way to set that bone. Not wanting to live in pain for that long she did her own research and found yoga. To her amazement she was pain free in just two weeks!

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Yoga Healed My Pain

Grieving Hearts

On the anniversary of my father’s death, aged 60, I felt a cloak drape over my shoulders, a leaden winter cloak weighing me down. And rather than being able to shrug it off, it came with me everywhere. I was able to feel the threads lighten when I was laughing, or crying, but was unable to cast it off completely.

In the year my father died I’d gone from numb shock – nothing had prepared me for this expected departure – to deep, dizzying sadness, where I understood what other people who had experienced grief meant when they wrote of the sky turning from blue to black.

Slowly, I was able to enjoy the memories of the time we had spent together while my dad was sick: the hundreds of games of chess we’d played and his obsession and delight with food as eating became increasingly painful.

His requests for ice-cream combinations that may be for sale in the best gelaterias in Italy but aren’t readily available in Nottingham; his rhapsodies over toffee pavlova and his theory that McDonald’s had very deliberately set out to corner the market of people who want to eat but have lost their teeth. The trip to the country fair at Abergavenny, his childhood home in Wales, where there was still an annual garden-on-a-plate competition, and the most beautiful memory of his pride and delight at meeting my nephew, then a tiny baby, who shared his name, William.

I didn’t know that grief commonly returns, that this was my body marking the anniversary of the death of my dad the year before. It was with this sadness that I arrived one day in October at a yoga studio, neither strong nor flexible, surrounded by people whose bodies seemed as lithe as dancers’ (I’ve found out since that some of them are dancers).
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My Personal Journey Of Healing Through Yoga

Fergus Higgins

Fergus Higgins

When I was young I played a lot of sports like soccer, rugby, tennis, and I even ran marathons. But because of work, accidents, and family, I became sedentary and ill with a laundry list of health issues.

This list includes: sciatica, premature degeneration of L4/L5 discs, carpel tunnel syndrome, spinal bone spur growths, and the list goes on… Not to mention I was depressed, overweight, using drugs, and addicted to tobacco, sugar, and fatty foods.

I went to see doctors and all they did was put me on Vioxx, Celebrex, and pain killers, and nothing seemed to help. So one day I went to see a nutritionist and I started practicing yoga. I was 44-years-old.

The nutritionist taught me about eating veggies, fruits, and consuming lots of water, and that I’d never get heavier if I ate no more calories than I was able to burn off in one day.

Then there was the yoga!

Being a guy, I was terrified to enter a place outside my comfort zone. But what I found was an amazing world:

  • A world where my body slowly healed
  • A world where my body became physically stronger
  • A world where my body became flexible again
  • A world where emotionally I suffered less
  • A world where emotionally I felt like I had more freedom
  • A world of yoga that had the tools to heal

I wasn’t doing amazing poses, I was simply going to vinyasa flow and hatha yoga classes. I would go to basics, after basics, after basics classes for years. Then one day one of my favorite yoga teachers, a man by the name of Frank Mauro at OM yoga, told me to leave his basics class and try a basics intermediate and/or intermediate.
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