Happiness is possible without getting high!

The following is a poem written by a participant of Y12SR Intensive workshop. The Y12SR program is designed for anyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by this behavior in others.

For more details on the Y12SR program click here. The husband and wife team of Nikki Meyers and Nate Rush have developed this program in 2004. This program has been featured in the NY Times and The Yoga Journal and has helped transform many lives.

As recovery weekend comes to an end
I feel like I’m now surrounded by friends
I’ve learned a lot and my body is sore
And to be honest it leaves me wanting more

I thought we were different but we are really the same
Because everyone of us is dealing with some pain
That I don’t want to deal with acknowledge or feel
But with a little help I can actually heal

That I don’t have to go on living a lie
Or slowly watching my life pass by
Or hoping or wishing that I would die
And happiness is possible without getting high

Yoga and recovery are two things I didn’t think I could do
And I thank Nate and Nikki for teaching me something new
And although it leaves me wondering what happens next
I feel more prepared to give it my best

So as we separate and go through the journey of life
I feel more confident that I can live right
I will remember all of you and the time we have shared
And I realize that somebody in this world really cares

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