The Scorpion And The Saint


A saint was bathing in a river when he spotted a drowning scorpion. To help the scorpion he picked him up so that it could be set down on dry land. But as soon as the scorpion was picked he stung the saint’s hand and had to be dropped back in the water.

The saint did not give up and tried again with the same result. This went on for a few more times when finally a passerby interrupted the saint, “Why do you keep doing this? Can’t you see the scorpion will sting you every time you try?”

“The scorpion cannot forget its nature is to sting. But how can I forget that my nature is to love?” The saint replied.

Granted that most of us will not be able to match the saint’s power of love, but we must forever keep in our minds the words of Thiruvalluvar the poet-saint:

“They say it is to know the union with love that the soul takes union with the body.”

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