True Purpose Of Asanas

In this video Sri Dharma Mittra indicates that the true purpose of yoga postures is to prepare the body for meditation. If the body is not healthy and the mind-body is not calm, meditation becomes difficult to do. He says that besides caming down the mind-body, the practice of yoga postures will give “radiant health”. He also indicates that beyond the physical, yoga postures helps at the mental and astral body level too.

“It is not necessary to put your legs behind your head and do fancy postures,” Dharma Mittra advices. “Only a few postures are required.” He speaks highly of the head-stand, the shoulder-stand, the spinal twist, and the cobra. (Please note that the head-stand and shoulder stand can cause injury and should be done only under the supervision of an experienced teacher.)

Sri Dharma Mittra, born Carlos Augusto Vargas in 1939 in Pirapora, Brazil, has been practicing yoga for over 50 years. He is regarded as one of the earliest adopters of yoga in the west. He is an ordained monk and a life long celibate. He is the author of the “Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures”, created in 1984. In addition he is the author of many books and videos and can be found in his “Dharma Yoga Center” in New York City.

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  1. I love this clip, have seen it and posted many times. Sri Dharma Mittra is a true yogi, living master and amazing to study with in NYC or when he does workshops other places.

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