Bless Me

Cascading Stream under Sunlight in Forest

I lack grace.
In my movements
and in the arc of my vision.
I feel my lips form words:

Bless me, large soul of towering cedar,
Bless me, smooth-black-pebbled beach,
Bless me, light entering water bending,
Bless me, heron with your water-touching wings,
Bless me, orange full moon rising,
Bless me, o tides, on your way in
and on your way out,
Bless me, rufous hummingbird hovering
with your scarlet throat,
Bless me, translucent green giant-armed kelp,
Bless me, elegant arbutus shedding your skin,
Bless me, flat blue pebble, skipping across waves,
Bless me, gentle inexorable flow of time,
Bless me, many-voiced minstrel mockingbird,
Bless me, exuberant breaching orca,

And let me live
showing my blessedness,
and blessing with it in return.

Poetry by Ulrich Schaffer. Reposted with permission. You may find more of his work here.

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