Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

In this spectacular talk, Amy Cuddy shows the powerful impact body language has on our lives. She shows that just two-minutes of “power posture” has a dramatic impact on hormones, mood, and body language. We can now imagine the impact of a full 1 hour class of yoga postures on our body! Many yoga postures are what Amy would call “power postures”, designed to open up the body and take up more space. (Or open up specific areas of our bodies). This video throws significant light on how yoga works and it also shows that you can improve the outcome of a significant meeting or interview by doing just a 2-minute simple exercise before it.

Amy has shown not only through her scientific studies, but also by her personal example that it is possible to make significant changes in life outcome by practicing two minutes of “power posture”. She has shown that not only does this lead to “fake it till you make it”, but eventually gets you to “fake it till you become it”.

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