The Genius And John

Genius And John

A proud and confident genius makes a bet with John who is known to be not too bright. The genius says, “Hey John, every question I ask you that you don’t know the answer, you have to give me $5. And if you ask me a question and I can’t answer yours I will give you $5,000.”

John says, “Okay.”

The genius then asks, “How many continents are there in the world?”

John doesn’t know and hands over the $5. He then asks, “Now my turn. What animal stands with two legs but sleeps with three?”

The genius tries and searches very hard for the answer but gives up and hands over the $5000. The genius says, “Dang it, I lost. By the way, what was the answer to your question?”

John hands over $5. “I have no idea,” he says as he leaves while he puts the remaining money in his pocket.

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Credit: Source unknown.

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