Prescription Drug Abuse: One Woman’s Story

Patricia Rosen

Patricia Rosen

Our children are dying. Lives are left shattered and doctors continue to write prescriptions for drugs like Oxycontin, which is the same as heroin.

Deaths from prescription drug overdose have been called the “ silent epidemic” for years. Now with one American dying every 17 minutes from an accidental prescription overdose, it is being described as “the biggest man-made epidemic” in the United States. More people are dying from drug overdoses than from any other cause of injury death, including traffic accidents, falls or guns.

Did you know that the manufacture of Oxycontin (Purdue Pharma) generated $3.1 BILLION in revenue in 2010? Yes, BILLION. Scary isn’t it?

My son Steven was one of these statistics. He grew up in a loving home with two brothers, parents that loved him and more love than anyone could ask for. He was well behaved and extremely respectful.

He was the “go to” person that all his friends liked to confide in and ask for advice. He played little league, soccer, went to overnight camp, travel camp, had cars and went to the college of his choice. He excelled in school and graduated with honors with a degree in Psychology.

He was getting ready to begin his Masters Program and started working part time for a state funded program ironically assessing people with addiction problems, when his life changed-FOREVER

My son made a life changing decision when he took an Oxycontin. I am sure, had he known the devastating effects this drug would have on him, he would never have tried it. The fact that it came from a doctor, and was prescribed, in his mind made it ok.

From that time on, his life seemed to go round and round like a merry-go-round. He would sign up for school and then drop his classes. He eventually quit his job, found another job, was fired, enrolled in college again, withdrew and finally realized he needed to come home and do something about his addiction.

He eventually went for help (twice) and had seven months clean when he relapsed and overdosed.

I lost an angel.

Life goes on, but part of me died with him. Life will never be what it once was. I know the pain and anguish of having a child with addiction problems. I also know the shame and secrecy people feel, for I too was one of them. That is the reason I started The Sober World.

The Sober World is a resource guide for parents, families and addicts themselves. This is a magazine that you can look at in the privacy of your own home, read articles from some of the leading experts in the country, find anything from Detox Centers, Interventionists, Treatment centers, Court Liaisons, Sober living and more.

The most important message I am trying to spread is for people to realize, they are not alone, it is affecting almost every family in America today and it is nothing you did or didn’t do and you are NOT TO BLAME!!

You have nothing to be ashamed of. I know how overwhelming it is when you find out your loved one is using drugs. You have no idea where to turn and going on the Internet can be the most overwhelming experience because there are thousands of treatment centers.

You are afraid to speak to someone because in your mind you think “it’s only happening to you, and everyone else’s children are perfect” The fact is today everyone knows someone that has an issue with substance abuse. This concept of an addict in the alley with a needle hanging out of his arm is ridiculous.

An addict today can be your typical high school student, college student, and the person behind the McDonalds counter, your own doctor, lawyer, plumber or electrician. Addiction knows no boundaries. Rich, poor, old, young, it makes no difference.

We must “shatter” the stigma (there are many groups focused strictly on this cause and one is called Shatter the Stigma) Addiction is a disease and like all diseases you look for the proper care.

Credit: This has been written by Patricia Rosen. She is the founder of The Sober World, which is here to help everyone that has a loved one struggling with addiction. The Sober World is now offering E Magazines, and anyone interested in subscribing to this free magazine, please send your e-mail address to and they will sign you up.

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