Yoga Is The Perfect Way To A Healthy Lifestyle!

Savitri Basole

Savitri Basole

Ten years ago Savitri’s happy life was shattered when she discovered that she had a cyst in her uterus. After the operation things got worse, the pain was so intense that she lost her will to live. It was then that her husband advised her to try yoga. Savitri was skeptical. How could yoga and breathing exercises relieve her pain? “If yoga and breathing exercise could cure illness then nobody would be sick in this world!” She thought.

But her husband persisted and she thought, “I will do this for a month, and the pestering from my husband will stop!” But to her utter surprise she could feel the difference within a month. Impressed she decided to spread awareness of yoga.

Her life completely transformed. From being in pain and helpless she went to feeling energetic and empowered. “I could feel such positive energy. I didn’t know yoga had this power,” she says.

She developed a passion for yoga and began learning new postures by watching yoga DVDs. Then she began going door-to-door in her village explaining the benefits of yoga. She had credibility because people could see her remarkable recovery, and so they began following her. Soon she was teaching yoga to the entire village. This has now grown to a movement that includes surrounding 15-20 villages!

Savitri is now completely transformed. From a shy housewife she has become an extremely busy person with no time to spare. As the word has spread thousands come to her to learn yoga and she embraces them with all her heart, not charging any money for her yoga lessons.

It has been 10 years since Savitri began her work to spread Yoga. She has been travelling to nearby villages and teaching the poor and the needy Yoga for free. All those who have followed her and practiced regularly have found their lives transformed. “It does not have any side effects and it helps you stay focused too. Also yoga has cured some serious illnesses in some cases. You just have to be regular,” she says.

There is no stopping Savitri. She now has set her sights higher. She wants to spread yoga to every village and street of India. She believes yoga is the perfect way to a healthy lifestyle.

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Credits: This has been written by Raj Shah and edited by Ketna Shah. We found the original story here.

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