The Biggest Good News Story You May Not Have Heard Of

Hans Rosling is a Swedish doctor and statistician, and a member of Time’s list of 100 most influential persons of 2012. He has now turned into a public speaker and talks about the changing world. He has developed powerful tools to visualize the numbers that enliven dry data and tell a story. His videos and presentations tell us an incredible good-news story that has not been told before in such a powerful manner. The good news is that most of the world has nearly caught up with the advanced nations in health and is fast catching up on wealth too.

Our grandchildren will most likely live in a prosperous world that is highly interconnected and where most of the population is both healthy and wealthy. The next big questions: Will all this new prosperity bring peace? Will yoga not be even more important to keep the peace?

GapMinder: A non-profit Started by Hans Rosling that allows you to visualize statistics of world data and make better sense of it.
The Good News Of The Decade?
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Debunking Third World Myths

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